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7 Tips to Make Moving Suck Less

I'm just going to put this out there... I H.A.T.E moving! Seriously! I am not sure that anyone particularly likes moving, but I loathe the entire process. I am generally an organized person. I make To Do list, keep a calendar, and write everything down. However, when it comes to moving it is like I lose the ability to do anything. This is normally how moving goes for me... I pack approximately 2-3 boxes, and after feeling SUPER accomplished I teat myself to ice cream and one episode of whatever show I am watching at the time. Unfortunately my "small break" turns into "I'll finish up packing tomorrow," which then turns into "Oh crap! I'm moving today and I only have 3 boxes packed." It's a vicious cycle.  

Here is where my loving Dad (Glenn) swoops in to save the day after arriving at my dorm, apartment, or house. For my last move Glenn drove 2 hours to my apartment oto find me sitting in my living room frantically trying to pack boxes and on the phone with my best friend (Lily) asking her to come help me please! This time though, my dad was going to be out of town visiting his 100 (yes 100) year old mother! Since it was going to be just me and my mom (Teddye), I naturally took to Pinterest for tips on how to be organized when moving. I know many of you are personally moving, know someone moving, or have children moving to college. So I have decided to share some of the tips that actually worked for me! First here is a picture of my brother and I with my adorable 100 year old Grandma! 

Okay now back to moving! 

Tip #1: Keep a list of everything

When I first read this I thought that is going to be way too much work, but after moving it has been a lifesaver. I grabbed a legal pad and started with box one and worked my way down. I wrote everything that was in the box. This was especially helpful when it came to kitchen stuff. I could go to my list and figure out which box had plates, which one had bowls, and where my utensils were. This also keeps you from having to write the contents of a box on the actually box for everyone to see. 

Tip #2: Label your boxes

Don't forget to label your boxes as you make your list. Also label what room the box is going to once it is moved in. I used plain masking tape to do this, but some websites suggested different colored tape for different rooms or even using washi tape. I didn't have ton of stuff to move and I wanted to save money by using what I had. It ended up working great! Teddye and I were able to quickly unload the cars and have the boxes in their perspective rooms; instead of having to pile boxes in the living room until I was able to open them and move them to the correct room. 

Tip #3: Cut handles into your boxes

Unless you are Mr. Fantastic, you might have trouble stretching your arms around the big boxes to move them. If your boxes don't already have hand holds cut out of them make your own! I used a box cutter and cut an upside down triangle into 2 sides of the box. Make sure you don't cut the top of the triangle, instead flip the triangle inside to make a smooth surface for your hands to hold on to. This could be my favorite tip! I help my roommate move some of her stuff and I had a lot of trouble moving the same type of boxes, I had just easily just unloaded. Just make sure you are careful not to cut yourself when cutting the boxes.

Tip #4: Make a first day essential box

The house I recently moved into is a rental. While it was cleaned before I moved in, there were a few spots that were missed or I wanted to go over just in case (think bathroom, gross!). To make sure I had everything I needed I pack my first day essentials in a clear tub and placed it in my car when I could get to it easily. Some items I placed in my box were Lysol wipes, dust rags, toilet bowl cleaner, a new toilet bowl brush, trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, and a small dust pan and broom. 

Tip 5: Don't take your clothes off the hanger

I hate doing laundry so the thought of taking ALL my clothes off the hanger folding them in a box, and then having to re-hang them made me cringe! Instead use the large black Glade garbage bags (or something similar) and bag your clothes on the hanger. Make sure your bags have the red cinch tabs to place over the hangers. This makes it where all you have to do is take the bag out of your car, place them on the bar in your closet, and take of the bag. Voilà! Your closet is ready. 

Tip #6: Have a cooler ready

Whoever is helping you move (movers, friends, or family) is going to get thirsty. I made sure to have a cooler of cold water and soda ready for them when they needed something to drink. One of my friends laughed when he first heard me tell them I had a cooler ready for them but after moving my couch in the middle of a Georgia summer he was quickly asking for something to drink! It is always good idea to keep those moving your home in a good mood! Since they are carrying your valuables!

Tip #7: Bring your Turtlebacks

This may seem silly and like a pitch for Turtleback (which it kind of is), but actually came in handy! My roommate and I bribed some of our friends to help both of us move with food. Of course we didn't have enough room at the tiny kitchen table so we ate in the living room floor. I pulled out my turtlebacks for everyone to put their drinks in. This kept our drinks from spilling when we inevitable got up for seconds (or thirds in my case...oops). Of course I forgot to take a picture to show you so instead here is a picture of one of my new roommates! 

One is the Loneliest Number

Can you really have too many Turtlebacks? ‪#‎turtlebacks‬ ‪#‎coffeeaddict‬ ‪#‎work‬ ‪#‎office‬ ‪#‎nospills


We think not! Why only have one Turtleback when you can have ELEVEN?!?!?!

Women's World Cup Champions!!

Congratulations to the US Women's National Soccer Team!!! These talented women beat Japan 5-2 on Sunday! Not only are they awesome atheletes, but  they are also wonderful, mothers, wives, daughters, and friends and for that we applaud you!  Order one of these personalized #turtlebacksfor your little champion (confetti not included)!!


Red, White and Blue Milkshakes!

Recently my niece, Cam (11 years old) and my nephew, Brody (3 years old) came to spend the night with me. Usually the excitement of hanging out with Aunt Molly lasts about an hour (if that long) before I start hearing "I'm bored," "Can we go to the store?" "Ow stop touching me..." etc. and I wonder why I agreed to let them stay the night in the first place. We've all been there let's just admit it. Usually trying to come up with an activity for both of them to do together is like trying to pull teeth. Brody is up for pretty much anything, but Cam is at the pre-teen age where she doesn't want to do "baby things." This time I decided that with the Fourth of July quickly approaching we were going to make these patriotic milkshakes I found over at Pint Sized Baker (http://www.pintsizedbaker.com/2014/06/4th-of-july-milkshakes.html).

To Start Cam and I added food coloring to vanilla ice cream to make red and blue ice cream. We mixed ours by hand instead of using a blender as suggested, mainly because I have yet to actually buy a blender. 

Next we had to put the ice cream back in the freezer for a couple of minutes to let it harden. No matter how old I get this is always the hardest part for me. After a few minutes we took the ice cream out and let Brody see it. He was a little worried at first that the ice cream was going to taste different so we had to do some taste testing first. Here is Brody's "blue mouth," he had to show off before we could make the rest of the milkshake. 

Once we got Brody's Stamp of approval, it was time to make our milkshakes! Cam scooped the ice cream into the cups one layer at a time, until she felt the layers were just right. Here's my tip, make sure to press the ice cream layers together for a cleaner look. 

We added some whipped cream and a spoon and Viola! The kids had a tasty treat, and I didn't have to hear "I'm bored" for at least 30 minutes (I consider this an accomplishment). We might even start making these for every holiday, of course changing the colors and maybe even adding sprinkles! 

Of course, the kids have a tendency to spill anything they can get their hands on, so I give them each their own Turtlebacks to keep from getting milkshake rubbed into my carpet. I would say all in all this was a great way to spend an afternoon with the kids! If you decide to try out these Patriotic Milkshakes send us a picture (molly@turtlebacks.com). We would love to share some pictures on our Facebook page, extra points if you included a Turtleback in the picture. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Fourth of July! And remember have a drink on us! 


June 30, 2015

Welcome to the Family!

We finally decided it was time to expand the Turtleback Family! We are so excited to share our new addition with you! Welcome to the family Coral! Find coral and all our other great colors on our website www.turtlebacks.com. 


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